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Bedtime Bulb

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The lighting industry holds some of the strongest and most prominent brands in the world, but it also naturally creates color temperatures that are terrible for your eyes and mind. When we met the founder – Greg Yeutter, he had finished production of the first Bedtime Bulb light with the goal of transforming sleep and eye strain by reducing blue light emissions from current lighting options. Our task in launching their lighting company was to create a brand that could build a movement. We developed the Bedtime Bulb brand grounding it in data, increased health, and infusing that feeling into everything: an identifiable and strong icon, bold logotype, and a surprising, yet playful social media presence. Each interaction with the brand invites people to create a healthy night sleep, and evening routine. Great sleep: As simple as changing a light bulb.

Less Blue. Better Sleep.
Bedtime Bulb provides comfortable, high-quality light for evening activities.
It promotes relaxation and quality sleep without the need for total darkness.

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